Friday, 10 February 2012

Aden: Random Memories 12: The Cubs

I belonged to the Air Force’s own Sea Cubs and Scouts in Aden. Yes, you did read that correctly!
Being a cub, I had to learn the National Anthem. Why is it such a dirge of a song? No wonder the Queen always looks so sombre on official occasions. I also did really exciting things like learn to cook (thanks Mum!), meet the Chief Scout (he wore a kilt) and the Archbishop of Jerusalem. Life was, as I am sure you will appreciate, one hectic social whirl having to deal with celebrities all the time.
One thing that also happened when I was a Cub, was the Gang Show. I took part in it at least one year. I remember we had our local version of Flying High, it was called Smelling High a dubious tribute to Crater. I wish I could remember the words. I’m sure the lyrics could still amuse.
I can’t remember if this was my first thespian experience or not. I’m sure it wasn’t though. My first was ... (see the next blog entry!)

The Archbishop of Jerusalem and I discussing weighty matters, as one does.

Bits and bobs from my time as a member of the 14th Aden.

Badges I got as cub, and I still have!

Where exactly this was taken I can't recall, but it's where we had our cub meetings. I can remember sand getting in my sandals and socks a lot!

Me outside the Church of the Rock (I'm sure I'm right). Why I am in uniform I have no idea. I've still got my whistle and lanyard!

My memento of the visit of the Chief Scout to Aden.

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