Sunday, 13 January 2013

New year, same problems

Well, we made it.

Yesterday, Saturday 12th January 2013, my partner and I, in the presence of my cousin and her husband, officially became a legalised couple in our local Registrar's Office. Sadly, my brother was unable to attend. Not that it was any great event. We turned up, said we were still who we said we were last year, paid the fee, got the witnesses in, and signed.

A pleasant lunch for four at Fredericks in Islington ended off the event quite nicely.

The day was marred by the previous day's experience. We had an oncologist appointment. A bone scan done a week before, had shown there to be a spread of the cancer from the lung into the bone.

Tuesday, he has an appointment for a dose of radiotherapy. I hope and pray it will pass reasonably well.

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