Monday, 31 October 2016

When you wonder if you've fallen down a rabbit hole and not been aware of it happening. Number 47.

I am waiting for a delivery today. I hear a vague rustling sound, like it might emanate from the front door.
I look out of the upstairs window to see a person standing in front of the house looking it up and down, but parcel see I none. There is, however, a rather small unmarked, white van which is not recognised by me.
Using all my powers of deduction I conclude this might be related to the expected delivery, so I descend the staircase. I open the front door. No sign of the said person. 
I am about to go indoors when she appears from across the street and says "Oh good, I thought you weren't in."
In all innocence I say to her, "I hardly heard you at the front door. Why didn't you use the doorbell?"
To which she answers, "I didn't know if it worked."
No wonder people don't receive deliveries they wait for all day if this is what happens across the board.

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