Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Aden Old Photos 2: KOSB

These photos are obviously of something important. I assume from the kilts and bagpipes this must be a group of Scots. There is the larger banner, what is that all about? On the smaller banner I can make out the initials KOSB which I presume must be the King's Own Scottish Borderers. 

From the web (Google helped me a lot here) I found out "From 1962 to February 1964 it was on internal security operations in Aden. In May 1964 it was recalled to Aden in aid of the Federal army, which was fighting Yemeni insurgents in the Radfan Mountains." (Source As we left Aden in April 1964 these photos must be from the 62-64 posting.

Was this a practice run by the Pipes and Drums for their departure? Surely it can't have been the real thing with the banners and they are marching over a football pitch.

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James I. Murdoch said...

Looks like the Pipes and Drums of 1KOSB playing at an inter unit football match - the sign 'Easy Easy Easy' was a chant often heard from the KOSB at inter unit sports competitions.