Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Aden Old Photos 7: RAF Khormaksar swimming pool

One of the great pleasures of living in Aden for kids was the afternoons were always our own time. We got up early every day to go to school, for me that was Steamer Point Primary. Whenever things got a little rough the school bus had an military police escort and chicken wire over the windows so grenades wouldn't land inside the bus. It's amazing what kids take in their stride.

School was just the prelude to lunch and then swimming! We used to go to the Lido and Elephant Bay. I properly learned to swim at the pool at RAF Khormksar (my first "lesson" was with my parents at Elephant Bay, not so much a lesson as having to swim and gulp in salt water rather than sink). I have fond memories towards the end of our tour. My mother would sit in the shade knitting sweaters for us, preparing for our return. It was cold the morning we arrived in Liverpool! I guess my mother took these snaps in between knitting 1 and purling 2, or something like that.

In all the photos the child in mid flight is me. I admit I loved jumping off the top board but was terrified of diving off it. I did manage to dive sometimes, just not in these photos.

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