Monday, 9 January 2012

Aden Old Photos 6: Me

There comes a point where one's past cannot be denied. Yes, I was a sweet fresh-faced kid. Yes, I was in the Cubs. Yes, we went to church. I imagine the Cub uniform was worn for a special reason. Anyhow, I think these photos of me in Cub uniform were taken outside the Church of the Rock which I think was Methodist and the priest was Padre Hurl (not sure of the spelling).

My parents tended to pick-and-mix when it came to religion, not that I am sure either of them were deeply religious.

These remaining photos are probably Christmas photos. On the first one (taken in our living/dining room), where I am wearing a strange straw hat, heaven knows why. Above my head I can see our old Christmas lights trailing down. We didn't have Christmas trees as far as I can remember. They weren't exactly growing in abundance in the area. I do remember the pyjamas I was wearing (isn't it amazing the rubbish information we retain?). They were blue or green or turquoise - somewhere in that colour range - and nothing like the heavy things I wore back in Britain. I am also wearing the Aden regulation flip flops all kids wore! The thong part between the toes and the lower part of the sole was only either red or blue. I don't remember any other colours. In the second photo my parents' bedroom is in an unusual state of upheaval. The largest box I am pretty sure was for my mother's Braun food user she got in Aden. It lasted her a very long time.

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Jon Magee said...

I lived in Aden in 1966/67 as a teenager. Ref theChurch of the Rock, you are pretty close ref it being a Methodist Church. The RAF divided the churches up into 3 categories: Roman Catholic, C of E, and everyone else were lumped in together. this 3rd group were known either as CSFC (Church of Scotland and Free Churches) or PMUB (Presbyterian, Methodist United Board) Not sure when they changed their name. The Church of the Rock was in this 3rd group of Churches. I have a fb page you are welcome to view on Aden at