Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Aden Old Photos 1: The Cubs

While having lunch with my cousin last year (2011), she commented I am about the only constant in her life other than her immediate family. This started a sequence of thoughts which made me realise that my father's overseas postings meant there were extended periods she would have known nothing about me beyond Christmas cards and maybe letters from my parents to hers. So I decided to write a small recollection of my time in Aden for her. I intend to post it here, eventually.

The memories I had were aided by the discovery of a reel of old black and white negatives( which is the worse for wear). Although I have already posted these on Flickr, I thought it might be interesting to post them here as well.

I was member of the 14th Aden Cubs. We must have been a pretty unique bunch of kids as we were Sea Scouts and Cubs. I have two identifiers as 14th Aden (Hood) and 14th Aden (Rodney). I am guessing these were the names of the sixes I was in.

I have absolutely no idea what these photos are all about, and apart from my mother (the lady with the sunglasses in the last photo) I don't vividly remember anybody else. Some of the other boys look familiar. Who are you? Where are you now?

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Joly MacFie said...

I was in 14th Aden from 60-61. What I recall is that our Akela was the spitting image of Jimmy Edwards, handlebar and all.