Thursday, 12 January 2012

Aden Old Photos 9: RAF Khormaksar Open Day

I well remember the Open Days at RAF Khormaksar for one thing only. I think it was the Hunter Squadron (8 Squadron) that was my favourite. For more standard information about the squadron go to

As I am in my cub uniform, I guess I got in free or at a reduced rate (my parents were very cost conscious). I was also not ashamed of the Cubs and enjoyed my involvement in the 14th Aden. Coming back to cold Britain and wearing dull colours instead of cool khaki made it less pleasurable!

In the second picture you can see the squadron had rigged up a toy aircraft, This was controlled by a usually eager child with a joystick type trigger. As the plane descended on the wires it was your task to drop the bomb on the enemy vehicles. It was a coordination test. I Loved playing it and I was pretty good at it.

One other experience that is still seared in my memory is riding on a camel. When I scanned the photo I was surprised I could still remember what the member of the camel corps who took us on the ride looked like. What I don't remember is the soppy girl I had to have clinging on to me. Look at her, she's older than me and soppy and girly and stuff! 

The last two photos are those embarrassing pictures parents always take. I could have censored them from the blog, but that would be wrong. So there am I in the - oh God, no wonder I can't remember this at all - "Chicko's Choochoo". 

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