Sunday, 22 January 2012

Italian street trading.

This posting comes as a result of reading a blog I like to read from time to time.

The first photo relates to Michael Henderson's beggar woman. It could well be the same woman, even though the photo was taken in 2008. I presume the poor woman's raised finger is either an arthritic affliction, or possibly a gesture used by her and others to indicate their downcast state and extreme anguish.

The next two photos were shot "from the hip" as I was getting rather unpleasant looks from them.

When I took this picture they were too busy looking out for there police to notice me (and this time I had a longer lens!). The guys who look like they come from the Indian subcontinent were selling tripods and sunglasses. To keep sunglasses clean when you're in Venice you could spit on the lenses like one of the guys did. I'm sure they come up a treat.

In Italy these people sell, ahem, "genuine" goods on the street at knock down prices.
To add to the overall picture I include a video with a live commentary.

I have my own true story to add to the list of tourists caught. As I was passing through the Campo San Fantin (where the Teatro la Fenice is) I overheard an American tourist complaining she had given some money to, ahem, a gentleman. He had just popped off to get her some change. He had been gone a little while and she couldn't understand why he was taking so long. Sweetheart, he had your number as soon as you opened your sweet little mouth.


Jan Pag said...

I encountered you and your blog whilst visiting Karen's Venice blog.
My interest in your blog is that like you I was born in 1954 into an RAF family but apart from being born in Malta and returning aged 13 months we did not have an overseas posting as a family. How envious I was of children on camp who had lived in Aden and Singapore! It is very current for me as my father is unwell and I found his service record whilst sorting out his papers. Also I am planning to return to Malta for the first time for my 58th birthday, but have another visit to Venice booked before that.
I look forward to reading more of your blogs - and thanks for the Aden posts which I can enjoy vicariously!

Tim The Nomad said...

Jan, thank you for your comments.

I find it strange that we are similar in age and background and also share a passion for Venice. I try to ensure I make a visit every year.

I understand why you were envious of those of us who had been to exotic places, but I too felt I was missing out as we hadn't been posted to Cyprus or Germany. There were even places in Britain that I wish we had been posted to!

I hope you enjoy your return to Malta. My return visits to Hong Kong and Singapore have been among the best things I have done.

I am gratified that my blog is giving you some enjoyment. As one posts an entry there is the thought who, if anybody, is reading this and why? I will have try even harder to scan and blog for you!